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Eureka Replacement Roller ER-2020
Eureka Replacement Brushroll BMER-220
List Price: $6.29
Price per Roller: $6.29

Replacement Eureka Vacuum Roller Eureka BMER-220

Fits: Vacuum models 47XX as well as models 4335A, 4335AM, 4335B, 4335BM, 4335D, 4335D-2, 4335DX, 4335E, 4335E-1, 4335E-2, 4335F, 4335F-1, 4335F-2, 4340A, 4340B,4340D, 4340D-1, 4340E, 4320A, 4320AX, 4321A, 4321AX, 4325A, 4325A-1, 4325A-2, 4325AX, 4332A, 4332B, 4332B-1, 4332B-2, 4332BX, 4350A, 4350B, 4352A, 4352B, 4352D, 4352D-1, 4352D-2, 4352E, 4354A, 4372A, 4326A, 4326A-1, 4326AX, 4334A, 4336AH, 4336BH, 4337AH, 4337BH, 4341A, 4341AV, 4374A, 4374A-2, 4377AV, 4387A, 4387AV-1, 4351A, 4351B, 4351BX, 4351BZ, 4351D, 4351D-1, 4351D-2, 4376A, 4376A-2, 4331AA, 4331AA-1, 4331AA-2, 4331AA-3. Whirlwind models 4381A-1, 4381A-3, 4383A, 4386A, 4386A-1, 4388A, 4388B, 4388B-1, 4388B-2, 4388B-3, 4640A, 4640AV-1, 4641AVC, 4654A, 4654B, 4654B-1, 4327A, 4380A, 4380A-2, 4380A-3, 4380AF, 4380AF-1, 4380AV, 4384A and 4384A-1. Fits Kenmore Contour upright models SE2901AVF and SE290AVF.

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Eureka Replacement Roller ER-2025
Eureka Replacement Brushroll BMER-225
Price per Roller: $6.29

Replacement Eureka Vacuum Roller Eureka BMER-225

Fits: Vacuum models Eureka Altima, Litespeed, Whirlwind, model 2961AVZ. Fits models 2920A, 2924AS, R2924A, R2926A, 2926AS, 2961AXV, 2970A, 2970AV, 2981, 5813AV, SP5816A, 5841BS, 5848AVZ, 5849AN, 5855AN, 5855BZ, 5856BV, 5856BVZ, 5859ASZ, and 5860AVZ

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Eureka Replacement Roller BMER-227
Eureka Replacement Brushroll BMER-227
List Price: $11.49
Price per Roller: $11.49

Replacement Eureka Vacuum Roller Eureka ER-2027

Fits: Eureka 4870 Smart Vac Vacuum, Ultra Smart Vac models 4870, 4870A, 4870B, 4870DT, 4870F, 4870G, 4872, 4872AT, 4872BT, 4874, 4874AT, 4874B, 4875, 4875A, 4880, 4880A, 4880B, 4885, 4885A, 4885BT

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